Torrance Dentist, Red’s personal Review.

Dentistry in Torrance: Out of state surprises.

Stopped in Torrance, California last month. I was visiting family in California around South Bay. It’s beautiful there this time of year. We spent the week in the beach and trying out various fast food places. My favorite would probably In-n-Out. I know it’s just a burger place but their food has a unique flavor I can’t quite put my finger on. Well after a few days of too much food and too little brushing my back tooth really started hurting. So bad I knew I couldn’t wait til I got back home. I needed to take care of this thing right now.

Well I was around Gardena waiting for my nephew’s basketball practice to end so I visited yelp and picked a dentist nearby that also had stunning reviews. The outside location looked pretty dirty but I was already nearby so I thought I should stop in and see what they could offer me.


I don’t know what the policy is for finding a new dentist, especially one not in your state so I was a little worried how my insurance would pay for all this. I met the receptionist and she quickly made me feel much better. She explained all my options and said that surprisingly people from out of state come by for Dental Work. They were comfortable with taking me in and that made me feel very comfortable.

It was a mainly female dentist office and everyone seemed very social with each other. My dentist back home is very quiet and it seems like no one speaks to each other. It was very refreshing to see them all so happy and interested in our lives.

I ended up talking to the dental assistant for 30 minutes. She told me she lives in Glendale and works at two different dentist office, one here and one in Glendale. She’s a really hard worker. I told her about my situation right now and how my house burned down and I needed to move away to save up some money. Currently living with my family in Las Vegas at the moment so we’ll see how that goes.

After another 15 minutes I met with the sweetest dentist. She was very careful with my teeth and she did scold me for not flossing as much as I should be, but that was fine. It felt like she really cared which is what I really like. Having dental practitioners that actually care about you is an underrated quality that many don’t truly appreciate. I think I’ll have to visit Torrance Whenever I need a tooth fixed or if I need someone to vent to. I think I told more to my dentist than I normally tell to my family. They were almost like my therapists for the day.

All in all a great day. thanks for everything.